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Friends of Peace

If you've been enjoying my content and freebies and would like to show your support, consider this membership as a way to tip me. Your support will help me create free gifts and make them accessible to our global family.

Who Is This Membership For?

This membership is designed for printable enthusiasts. If you own a printer and are passionate about infusing colour and creativity into your life, this membership is for you.

What You Gain as a Member:

  • Welcome gift: access to my Daily Text Notebook from 2020 (download preview)
  • Access to vibrant printables (like bookmarks, cards, tea bag wrappers, soap labels, etc.)
  • Phone wallpapers & Graphics
  • Discounts on my Ko-FI Shop Items
  • Occasional Podcast

Monthly Rewards

Each month, you will receive some fantastic perks. I will send you a bundle of wonderful goodies, including beautiful printables, phone wallpapers, and inspiring quotes and scriptures that you can share on your social media.